School Partnerships

Dole Plantation

We have a partnership with Dole Plantation. They often include our school in fundraising ideas. They support our summer pre-K program by inviting our school to participate at their Dole Plantation Family Fun Day.


The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is comprised of representatives from the community and the school.
Helemano Parent Teacher Ohana Board Members:

Celeste Cabanit- Vice President and Parent Facilitator
Leigh Padilla- Secretary, Whitmore Rep

Cheryl Iwasaki Chun- Teacher Rep

The PTO Ohana serves as a fundraising organization for the school. Some of the PTO funded/supported projects for the school year are:

• Classroom Student incentives
• Parent Involvement Activities
• Super Hornet Assemblies
• Playground Equipment/Upkeep
• School Shirt Subsidy
• HTY Play Admissions for every student
• Field Trip bus fare for every student
• Classroom Supplies
• PE Supplies
• JPO Incentives

Monthly meetings are held the 1st Monday of every month at 1:00pm in the school office. If interested in attending any of the PTO meetings, please contact the school office at 622-6336.

Military Partnerships

Helemano School is fortunate to have military partnerships with both the Army and the Navy who take an active interest in our school, maintain communication with school administration, and promote positive relationships between their unit and our school.

These military partnerships have provided help with fundraising activities, student council activities, and campus beautification projects. Soldiers and sailors run with students during the annual school-wide Fun Run.

NCTAMS PAC arranges activities and facility use for the Moving Up day for fifth graders, assist in evacuation safety drills, and has hosted Helemano School’s first Fun Run on their base.


The Joint Venture Education Forum is a cooperative effort between the Department of Defense and the Hawaii State Department of Education that focuses on the needs of military children in Hawaii's schools. The funds are used for structural improvements, educational materials, and other expenses. JVEF is comprised of public school educators, and leaders from military commands, government, community and business. Helemano was fortunate to receive funds to purchase computers and printers for our computer lab/mobile lab.

Military Personnel Volunteers

We are extremely fortunate to have volunteers from the Army (2-35 Infantry Division-Schofield) and Navy (NCTAMS) branches helping at our school. Each year, they help to make our Fun Run a successful event. Students enjoy having them around the lap track encouraging them to keep running and then mark their lap cards. Both armed services also volunteer to help our school with different activities and service projects.

Community Partnerships

Lion's Club

The Lion's Club has done a school supply drive in Wahiawa for a few years and divides the collection between all the Wahiawa schools.

Rotary Club

This year we received back packs, filled with supplies, from the Rotary Club of Wahiawa-Waialua.

Whitmore Seniors

Leilehua High School Partnerships

Lettermen's Club

The Lettermen's Club are Leilehua High School student-athletes. The members of this club came to our school to help us with Kids Voting. They helped our track team prepare for the complex cross country track tournament.

Leadership Club

LHSSA is Leilehua High School student government. This leadership club is headed by Darcy Yukumoto. The members of this club come to our school to help us with Kids Voting.

School Community Council Information

The purpose of the School Community Council is a forum for the exchange and sharing ideas about improving student achievement. The Council is comprised of administration (Principal), teachers, school staff, parents and community members.
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HES School Community Council

The HES SCC is comprised of parent representatives from HMR & NCTAMS, Army liaison,
staff, teachers and a community member. Together they provide feedback on school issues such as the AFP (Academic Financial Plan). This plan is instrumental as it drives the school's focus with developing curriculum thus ensuring success for our students.

Parents, community members, and anyone who is interested is invited to attend the quarterly meeting.

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