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General Learner Outcomes

General Learner Outcomes are the essential overarching goals for all grade levels, from elementary through middle to high, and all of the academic disciplines, whether mathematics, career and life skills, health, or any of the seven other content areas. Every content standard and every benchmark and grade level performance indicator should support the learner’s progress towards these outcomes because they enable learners to lead full and productive lives.

Hawaii Content & Performance Standards

Our Hawaii Content and Performance Standards are statements about learning expectations for students.

Achieve 3000 - KidBiz

This new and innovative online program focus reading on non-fictional news events taken from the AP (Associated Press). Each student in grades 2-5 engage in a pre-assessment to determine his/her comprehension level. This allows for differentiation (reading level) of the articles the student will read. Following each article are 5-8 comprehension questions.
The use of this online program helps to promote reading non-fiction, build vocabulary and comprehension. The program can be accessed from home online at

Library Information

Arts & Literacy for All

The Arts & Literacy for All (ALA) project is a whole school model designed to impact student learning and teaching practice through arts integration in the classroom. Click here to learn more - ALA Project Summary Helemano

Academic Plan

Click link to view our academic and financial plan:

Hawaii State Assessment (HSA)


The Hawaii State Reading and Mathematics Assessments measure how well students are doing on the reading and mathematics standards. Click the link for more information -

Accelerated Reader (AR)

AR is a program that assist Helemano students build a love of reading. Students╩╝ reading abilities are matched to a wide variety of literature available in the classroom, school library and public libraries. After completing a book, students log on to a computer and answer questions based upon their reading.

Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning English ® is an computer-based intervention program that accelerates student achievement. With hundreds of activities designed for young English learners, this program helps develop vocabulary, listening and speaking, phonemic awareness, literacy, and school readiness. Click here for more information -

Lending Library


The Parent Lending Library contains books, videos, and games for children and their parents to borrow to nurture literacy at home. We encourage parents to borrow books to help develop a closer relationship with their child through positive learning experiences.